If you would like to enter sweet peas in the next Froggatt Show here are a few tips that will help improve your chances of success. Sweet peas are a popular choice for showing and the attention to detail when selecting blooms forĀ  display along with care transporting them will go a long way to helping you score well.


  • Select strong spikes with well spaced blooms
  • Choose specimens with top blooms that are “well expanded” and the lower blooms fresh
  • Flowers should be large and well-formed and free from spots and scorching
  • Stage blooms with strong colours, without running and a silken sheen.
  • Display long straight stems with lengths proportionate to flower size


  • Show fading blooms
  • Stage stems with seed pods
  • Select crooked or ill-proportioned stems
  • Choose blooms that are small for your chosen cultivar

Exceeding maximum sizes could lead to your entry being disqualified or at least marked down.


Trueness of colour and freshness of blooms 6 Points
Placement of bloom 5 points
Size and form of bloom 4 points
Stem proportionate to size of bloom 3 points
Effectiveness of staging 2 points
Total 20 points


These hints are derived from the RHS guidelines.